Verquvo: Escaping the Cycle


Health-focused agency DDB Remedy required Mummu’s help to create a hand drawn style animation to spread awareness and challenge HCPs on how they think about worsening heart failure events. 

Verquvo: Escaping the Cycle
Verquvo: Escaping the Cycle

Mummu was briefed to create an abstract androgenous character that could reflect a wide age range of patients. The story follows the character’s endless cycle between hospital and home from the patient’s perspective. The illustrative and textured style of the design adds an extra layer of emotion and empathy to a very sensitive message.

Verquvo: Escaping the Cycle
Verquvo: Escaping the Cycle
Verquvo: Escaping the Cycle

Frame-by-frame animation was used in a specific way to add weight to the character’s movements when feeling the effects of a worsening heart failure event. The animation uses motion graphics that the patient interacts with when talking about more in-depth medical terminology.

Verquvo: Escaping the Cycle
Verquvo: Escaping the Cycle
Verquvo: Escaping the Cycle

As well as supporting music and sound design, a voice-over was also used to explain some of the more complex details in this mode of disease animation. 

Although heart failure is a very difficult subject the overall tone and mood of the animation is one of positive change, and it offers hope for patients that the cycle between hospital and home can be broken.


“We’re really happy with how this turned out and would certainly be keen to work with Mummu again for future projects”

Sam Taylor – Account Manager – DDB Remedy

Verquvo: Escaping the Cycle


Production – Project Management – Concepting – Storyboarding – Illustration – Character Design – Character Animation – 2D Animation – Compositing – Sound Design


90-second Master animation and 30-second cutdown


Created & Produced by
Creative Director
Sam Atkin
Jan Oberholzer
Oleksandr Stelmakh
DDB Remedy
Agency Account Manager
Sam Taylor
Agency Creatives
Gina McDowall, Giz Griffiths, Natalie Scorer, Paddy Maher

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