Simplify the Science: How animation can convey critical messages to D2C, healthcare professionals, and patients.

At Mummu Health, we have first-hand experience creating visually appealing and informative animations for innovative pharmaceutical, health, and wellness brands. 

Guiding those that need to know what can be very complex messages through digestible, sharable and bite-sized methods.

In healthcare, conveying complicated scientific information to HCPs, patients, and the broader public can challenge even the most skilled communicators.

Over the years, Mummu Health have been entrusted with turning the most intricate ideas, theories and processes in healthcare into short, informative explainer videos ready for you to put in front of your audience in many sharable ways.       

From healthcare professionals to pharmaceutical companies to medical marketing agencies and direct-to-consumer brands, translating insider jargon, in-depth research and clinical trial data into plain language is essential, and as technology advances and patients become more informed about their health, the use of animation in healthcare continues to grow, and animation studios and people like us at Mummu Health can help reduce any barriers to understanding.

How can animation help convey healthcare facts?

Dynamic visuals, motion graphics, and animation can break down technical information into digestible chunks. For example, a pharmaceutical company may want to visualise how a drug interacts with the human body targetted to time poor, healthcare industry professionals key opinion leaders.

Instead of relying on a dense monotomous 2D text, motion graphics and animation can bring opportunities with engaging visuals and narration that show a drug molecule entering the bloodstream and reaching its target organ or the effectiveness of the new drug launch – in a matter of minutes.

What target audiences benefit from healthcare animation?

Animation within the healthcare industry can benefit many target audiences, from patients to healthcare providers as well as direct-to-consumer brands, such as LUSH Cosmetics 

Patients facing a problematic diagnosis may benefit from an empathetic visual explanation of the condition and available treatment options. 

Pharmaceutical companies can use animation to explain the science more matter-of-factly to explain the benefits of their products. These messages still need simplicity but can still be technical dialect.

How can animation support your message’s tone of voice?

The need to be empathetic over sympathetic within healthcare for sensitive messages is a nuance that animation can support effectively. 

Animation communicates information clearly and, using the right methods, should also tap and resonate with the intended audience.

For example, a patient facing a diagnosis may feel overwhelmed and scared. A motion graphic that acknowledges those emotions while delivering practical information could provide comfort and reassurance. Other elements such as finish textures, scriptwriting, character usage, and voices chosen for the voiceovers can help create an empathetic or positive tone when portraying messages that resonate with people going through potentially difficult or life-changing news.

What are some best practices for using animation and motion graphics in healthcare animation?

Mixing the perfect blend of creativity with science is the secret sauce to creating successful healthcare animation, medical brands should consider a few crucial best practices. These include knowing your audience, using the correct visual elements to convey information, keeping the animation succinct and easy to understand, and choosing legible and visually appealing illustrations. Additionally, focusing on creating a human and authentic tone is essential to make meaningful connections with viewers.

How can Mummu Health help you?

With over 10 years of established experience, Mummu Health are expert in providing palatable animations for those that need them. Working with healthcare agencies and directly with brands, we understand how to create approachable, intelligent, condensed, charming, illustrative, understandable, factual, scientific, accurate, and well-researched content for the medically educated and uneducated. 

Our team use illustration skills to bring scientific concepts to life in an engaging way; they are versed in producing animated explainer videos that help your audience understand complex medical concepts quickly and easily; whether healthcare professionals or service users – they can make informed decisions.


In healthcare, clear communication can mean the difference between life and death. Animation can help medical brands convey complex health information to a broad audience. 

Healthcare, pharma and medical brands can use 2D and 3D animation to stand out in a crowded digital landscape by creating engaging animations that speak to viewers on a human level.

By speaking to us at Mummu Health, we can help turn your complicated message into the most straightforward formats, easy-to-digest long-form and short-form content to share internally with your departments, to patients and in forms useful for platforms such as social media. 

We value your message and the way it is received, whether educating patients on the best physical care, breaking down the latest medical advancements, dealing with the complex mental health states or promoting products for a well-rounded and holistic lifestyle – we can debunk, decode and deliver.


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