The Royal Society: What is Genetic Modification?


We were honoured when The Royal Society approached Mummu to create an infographic animation to help them with their mission to promote the benefits of GM foods. 

The Royal Society endeavours to encourage innovative ideas that provide solutions to the big issues of this century, such as climate change and how the world can continue to feed its growing population.

Our animation introduced the use of genetic modification in agriculture. Whilst considered a taboo subject by many, others believe that the safe use of technology could be the answer to creating sustainable food sources.  The animation was a calling card, aimed at directing the general public to an independent fact-based Q&A, where viewers can discover the information necessary to form their own educated opinion about genetic modification in food.

The Royal Society: What is Genetic Modification?
The Royal Society: What is Genetic Modification?


Created & Produced by
Creative Directors
Sam Atkin & Karl Hammond
Art & Animation Direction:
Daryl Higgins
Daryl Higgins, Tim Gray, Brad Purnell
The Royal Society

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