Lush: Self preserving


Simplifying the science behind LUSH skincare

International natural cosmetics skincare brand LUSH sought the help of Mummu Health to simplify the science behind their new ‘self-preserving skincare’ range, educating customers about the benefits of the microbiome, and why it matters for your skin health.

Lush: Self preserving

What did LUSH need from us?

LUSH needed an attractive animation and illustration that was going to get customers excited about the wonders of their own microbiome, and how it intertwines with LUSH’s self-preserving skincare range. Showcasing it through a global in-store and online campaign, using animation and print rolled out to 900+ stores, in nine different languages.

Lush: Self preserving
Lush: Self preserving

What’s the ethos behind LUSH?

A pioneer in creative solutions for transforming the cosmetic and health industry, LUSH has created a self-preserving skincare range to build on the long-term ambition to remove preservatives from all of its products. With 100% of LUSH’s products being vegetarian, and an active anti-animal testing campaigner, LUSH has always been a market leader in raising environmental awareness in the cosmetics and health sector. The company is synonymous with its ethical principles creating a “cosmetics revolution” with its products known for being vegetarian or vegan, with over 65% natural ingredients in their naked products. This campaign took this foundation and continued to build and focus on LUSH’s drive to reduce preservatives.


Lush: Self preserving

Cutting through the complex – the Mummu Health way

It may seem like a no-brainer and a simple concept to remove preservatives from skin-care products, but the science that sits behind the motivation is complex. Many consumers won’t be aware that their skincare has preservatives and what damage they do to the environment and their skin. Our challenge was to explain this science in an easy-to-understand, digestible and conversational way without losing any facts, aesthetic appeal, or the warmth that sits behind LUSH’s brand.

As the project was ongoing, so was the script, this meant we had to be agile and flexible to accommodate changes as they came from the client. Whilst it was a challenge, it gave a better result in final product delivery. LUSH was flexible in the understanding that with a moving script, more investment was needed, but the result was an improved return on investment. Giving more content for the client to use through cutdowns and snippets to use elsewhere for marketing purposes and the wider campaign.

Simplifying the science

Working on and being the creative lead for many health and wellness projects, Mummu Health understands the importance of getting the key facts out to the intended audience clearly and concisely. Science does not allow for mistakes or wishy-washy statements; however, the messaging is usually for those that understand the intricacies of the subject matter but are motivated by their lack of time.

Mummu Health, have vast experience working with various high-level healthcare brands and their respective agencies, having the knowledge and know-how for creating concepts that work ‘with the science.’ Leaning on both our medical and D2C animation experience, we were able to create the perfect blend of ‘appealing science’ that LUSH was after.

Lush: Self preserving
Lush: Self preserving

International storytelling without boundaries

The flagship Store on Oxford Street featured multiple versions and formats of the animation, combined with print work that covered the full window display, as well as several stands with illustrations that supported information on the microbiome and self preserving skincare range. The animation was intended to be very adaptable from the outset, so all social formats were catered for and it could be showcased on LUSH’s website, YouTube channel, LinkedIn, and Pinterest giving the campaign maximum outreach.

Lush: Self preserving

“It was a pleasure working with Mummu on this project, the team demonstrated an extremely high level of expertise and creativity throughout the entire process and their attention to detail was remarkable. The team’s ability to adapt and work through any challenges that arose was extremely impressive. The Mummu team helped to communicate and tell the story of our self preserving products and the microbiome through a beautiful, visually impactful animation and accompanying assets for a global campaign. The final deliverables were loved throughout the entire business.”

Alex Phelps – Creative at LUSH


Creative Direction – Account management – Concepting  – Design – Illustration – Storyboarding  – Animation  – 2D cell animation Graphic design – Print – Voice over – Sound design 


Website content – Youtube (16×9) – Pinterest (9×16) – Instore video – Digital 6 sheets (9×16) Instore Print – Localised for 9 different markets in  900+ stores globally


Directed & Produced by
Animation Directors
Sam Atkin & Karl Hammond
Adrien Kulig
Luke Simpson
2D Animation
Katie Taysum
2D Animation
Daniel Scarlet
2D Animation
Callier Epps
Sound Design
Marco Martini
Client Producer
Vaia Ikonomou
Client Creative
Alex Phelps
Client Script Writter
Milly Ahlquist

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